Volunteers/ Cash Donations



Volunteers / Cash donation.

Machwa Academy is seeking volunteers to support various school projects mentioned below:-

We have enough land to construct the following projects:-

  1. dormitories,
  2. sports ground,
  3. staff houses,
  4. dining hall,
  5. library,
  6. computer laboratory and
  7. first aid room.

Also the area where school is located there is no source of power, so we did feasibility study and found that the installation of ‘’ Hybrid Solar – Windmill Power Supply’’ is the solution. The installation cost is Tsh.119,649,161.10 (i.e $ 73,857.50).

Currently we are constructing two small dormitories one for boys and the other for girls. Each has a capacity of accommodating thirty students [30]

c)   Gifts in Kind [ Scholastic and office equipments]:

Gifts in kind are highly demanded at Machwa Pre and Primary School. The following are some of the gift in kind we need:-

  1. Student desks and chairs
  2. Stationers.
  3. Office equipments e.g Computers.
  4. Sportswear.
  5. Sports equipment.
  6. Toys and games.